Unleashing A Blitzkrieg
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Unleashing A Blitzkrieg

Old age does not necessary take place only with the passage of time. It is a biological process set by the rate at which free radicals destroy the cells, harm the tissues and diminish vital functions. Free radicals are the culprits here. The chemicals unleash a blitzkrieg of free radicals in the human system.


“Aging and death do seem to be what Nature has planned for us,” gerontologist Bernard Strehier said, “But what if we have other plans?”

In man’s attempts to nestle in the world, he seeks to prolong his life without getting sick, growing old, or dying. In man’s struggles for existence, he desires for health and longevity. Intelligent beings like scientists are trying to address this primary concern of man, attempting to transcend nature, and divert and subjugate insurmountable forces to favor humans.

Old age does not necessary take place only with the passage of time. It is a biological process set by the rate at which free radicals destroy the cells, harm the tissues and diminish vital functions. Free radicals are the culprits here.

What are free radicals and are they all that bad? Dr. Denham Harman of the University of Nebraska first proposed the theory of free radical theory in 1956. He formulated the “free radical theory of aging.” This theory made medical knowledge go into quantum leap. But unfortunately, during Dr. Herman’s times, his theory was snubbed by the medical community. It was only after two decades when over-whelming evidence surface that it becomes impossible to deny Harman’s theory.

Chemistry defines free radicals unstable molecules with free electrons in their orbits, which cause an imbalance. Chemical compounds maintain their stability when their energies are balanced, which means that the electrons must be paired off. Seeking stability, radical molecules violently “steal” electrons from other molecules. Since radical molecules steal from other normal molecules, this generates an uncontrolled reaction of biochemical breakage to cells and tissues.

This relentless attack and destruction of cells and tissues cause various symptoms generally peculiar to aging, “cataracts, arthritis, hardened arteries, senility and other degenerative conditions. These conditions and diseases cause by aging and the free radical damage are arteriosclerosis, hypertension, arthritis, cancer, heart disease and glaucoma, Alzheimer’s disease, loss of memory and strokes.

Perhaps now you understand why today, more people are suffering from the above mentioned ailments compared to the past.

Actually, free radicals are not all that bad. Within the confines of the biological process, it is beneficial. Free radicals are natural by-products of normal metabolism. Its role in the system of cellular defense is to destroy the bacteria and viruses, break-down chemical pollutants and neutralizes toxins.

The technological advancements of modern living have nurtured the proliferation of more than 6,000 chemical food additives, toxic pesticides, nuclear radiation, X-rays, toxic metals like aluminum and cadmium in public water supplies, smog, cigarette smoke, motor vehicle exhaust, oxidation of artificial fat substitutes and denatured junk which the food industry foist upon the public. The chemicals unleash a blitzkrieg of free radicals in the human system.

Microwave a cousin of X-rays in the electromagnetic spectrum family, promotes the release of free radicals. Cooking food by microwave alternates the magnetic polarity of the food’s atoms thousand of times per second, causing alteration in the molecular structure and producing heat by atomic friction. In this way, microwave gives the food the appearance, texture and taste of having been cooked. This artificial change of the electromagnetic polarity raptures the cell walls in the food, releasing tremendous quantities of highly reactive free radicals which you consume along with the food. As such, microwave cooking simply destroys all enzymes, nutrients and energy potential of food, impregnating it with free radicals which are carcinogenic, immuno-suppressive, and a major cause of aging and degeneration.

Besides pot and pans, where do you find aluminum and cadmium-toxic metals conducive to free radical conditions? We are all familiar with aluminum poisoning, so we don’t buy pans made from this toxic metal. But aluminum is also found in food preservative, antacid tablets, public drinking water, antiperspirants and cosmetics.

The incidence of Alzheimer’s disease in a region in England was unusually high, and this was later traced to the public drinking water. Their drinking water was treated with high levels of aluminum slats to “purify” it for human consumption. When fluoride was added to the water with aluminum salts already present, the assimilation of aluminum from the water increased manifold.

The chlorine added to drinking water is also a kind of poison which produces free radicals. People in our country were worried about the outbreak of typhoid and cholera. They think that all is safe after the water system becomes “purified” with more adequate quantities of chlorine and fluorine. But here we see the current status of our drinking water and how it is affecting our health.

What else is wrong with fats and oils besides making our bodies collect more fats? Fats and oils produce free radicals when they oxidize and break down. Lipid peroxides are the free radicals produced from the oxidation of fat molecules. Butter, meat, and cold-pressed nut oils – all natural fats – slowly oxidize and produce fewer free radicals than the polyunsaturated fats made from hydrogenated cooking oil, which includes margarine, bottled salad dressing, commercial cooking oils, shortenings and non-dairy creamers.

These artificial fats oxidize as soon as they as they become exposed to air, when you open the bottle or can. They still continue to oxidize inside your body, creating a chain reaction of destroying cells and disrupting vital functions much faster than your body’s natural capacity to defend itself from such damage.

Take note that all deep fried foods are loaded with free radicals since high temperature causes oils to oxidize faster. Fat is still an essential nutrient needed by the body. But when natural fatty acids are replaced with hydrogenated fat, this becomes disastrous to the tissues of human body, particularly the brain and white cells, which have the greatest need for fat molecules.

Primary Image Source - http://www.healingdaily.com/conditions/free-radicals.jpg


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Comments (11)

very good very well researched

I always am glad I read your well composed articles. There is much value in your research and it is always presented well too. Thank you.

I drink tap water, but it is well water with no chemicals added, I stopped using flouride after learning some negative facts about it too.

Like Brenda, I use well water without added chemicals. After reading your article I may have to find a way to remove a few other things from the diet.

Very well explained. Free radicals are the way. I suppose the body needs to die so the soul will be free. Thanks for sharing this medical fact, Ron.

Very important information to understand more about. Voted up!

I learned so much from reading this article. The section on the microwave was particularly of interest. Thanks for writing!

Very enlightening article Ron. God help us all. He will, but we need articles like this to help guide us.

Excellent work as usual my friend!

Thanks everyone - appreciated.

I use the microwave way too much. This article is worth coming back to and reading. Excellent information!