The Top 8 Ways To Reduce Wrinkles Naturally Without Having To Spend A Fortune
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The Top 8 Ways To Reduce Wrinkles Naturally Without Having To Spend A Fortune

Why buy expensive potions and lotions claiming to erase wrinkles and fine lines when sometimes they don't even show any results. If your feeling a little let down by these lotions try some of these natural, proven methods that you will not have to reach deep within your pockets for. Advice and methods to help you get rid of those lines and sun damage without spending a fortune.

These days as we struggle to maintain our beauty, the products on the market are becoming ever increasingly more and more expensive. From lotions to potions, they all claim to do the same thing erase lines, blemish spots, age spots and wrinkles, feeding off the consumers demand for perfection. Who knows, perhaps one day they will even create that so called miracle potion, however; until then with today's economy as it is, it really is difficult to keep up with the top skin care products as they can cost you a fortune and half the time you don't even see any results from them feeling slightly ripped off.

A more convenient and economical way to reduce lines and wrinkles is by going with natural remedies and though these remedies have always been around, not a lot was known about them until recent years. Though they are not advertised and promoted as the expensive lotions are and are quite easy to disregard because your too busy trying to keep up with the trend of getting your youthful looks back with the more advertised brands you now have a way to save money and have the same effectiveness if not more than those so called miracle products and heres how you can do it.

Skincare Basics

Though you have probably heard this many times before you may as well hear it again because if you don't want your skin to age before its time these guidelines hold true, avoid the sun as much as possible, wear sunscreen, use a moisturizer and try not to smoke.

Use Vitamins C and E as well as Selenium

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It has been proven through research that by using Vitamins C and E along with selenium, it not only protects the skin from sun damage and skin cancer but it also reverses some of the wrinkles and discoloration caused from aging and sun damage. Also Vitamin C and E stimulates collagen production. These powerful antioxidants speeds up the skins natural repair process and stops further damage from occurring.

These Vitamins are usually added in skin creams however; the concentration of these Vitamins are usually very low and also tend to lose any effectiveness they have in the cream when exposed to the sun and air.

Supplements are recommended instead. For vitamin C it is suggested to use 1,000 to 3,000 milligrams daily. For vitamin E it is suggested that 400 international units in the D-alpha-tocopherol form is the perfect daily dose and 100-200 micrograms of selenium (l-selenomethionine). Take note that you should not give selenium to children until they have their second set of teeth as selenium could interfere with the formation of tooth enamel.

Topical forms can be used of these antioxidants but to gain the most benefit use the strongest products which contains 15- 20 percent of vitamin C, 2- 5 percent of Vitamin E and 0.2-0.5 of selenium.

Drink Cocoa

Research has found that by drinking cocoa containing high levels of dietary flavonols, epicatchin and catechin, it helps to protect the skin from sun damage, improves circulation to the skin cells, affects the amount of hydration the skin has and all around makes the skin look and feel much smoother.

Eat Soy

Image by Wikapedia

Research is now showing that by consuming soy it both helps and heals some of the sun damage that occurs. One such study in the European Journal of Nutrition suggests that a soy based supplement improved the skins firmness and structure in as little as 6 months.

Use Alpha hydroxy acids. (AHA)

It has been proven that by using natural fruit acids it can lift away the top layer of dead skin cells which in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles especially around the eyes. Research now suggests that by using higher levels of these acids it can also increase the production of collagen.

Don't Over-Wash Face

Dermatologists have pointed out that by using tap water you are stripping the skin of its natural oil barriers as well as the moisture that protects against wrinkles. If you wash too much you are then washing away your protection from wrinkles!Also they suggest to try and use a facial cleanser instead of soap as soap is much harsher on the skin.

Don't Squint, Get Glasses

By squinting you are overworking your facial muscles which will cause a groove beneath the skin or in other words you are making wrinkles. If you squint while you are reading then get some reading glasses. If out in the sun try to always wear sunglasses as this protects the eyes and beneath the eyes from sun damage and it will help you not to squint.

Sleep On Your Back

Research has suggested if you sleep in a different position other than your back night after night you can cause sleep lines such as on your cheeks or chin which will in turn create unwanted wrinkles. If you sleep on your stomach this can cause lines between your eyebrows otherwise known as a furrowed brow.

Eat Fish

Image by Wikapedia

Dermatologists claim that any fish containing omega 3, a fatty acid, including supplements such as cod liver oil will help keep your visibly plump and youthful looking, aiding with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Great to see you back! As always a lovely piece and there is always something beneficial to the reader which keeps me intrigued and Informed. Wonderful job!

Natural is always number one, only it takes time and effort it's just the same with coffee why instant ones sell over brewed alternatives. A great comeback topic, Tanya.

Great to know the "sleep on your back", thanks for the issue, its very well composed.

very good articles, natural sources are always best

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natural remedies for wrinkles are really the best! although i use NeuCell anti-wrinkle cream now, i still use natural remedies and practice some of those practical tips.

I am a squinter but mainly because my eyes are light sensitive! Some great tips here... notes taken!