The Positive Facts of Growing Old
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The Positive Facts of Growing Old

The good memories of your life experiences and the fact you can enjoy of the old pictures of the past time are things which you can cherish with your friends, family and many other people. These memories will make you happy and is an unforgettable reward of growing old.

Growing old doesn’t need to be an awful experience. We all want to look youthful, to be healthy and to have the energy which we had when we were 20 years or a little bit older. Every age has its advantages and disadvantages and also growing old has a lot of positive sides. We may notice more wrinkles in our face but we only are as old as we feel. There are many older people who feel better than other people who may be twenty or even more years younger. Everyone needs to accept his/her age and to be satisfied with all the positive facts you experience when you grow old.

Here are some positive facts about growing old:

*More knowledge and experience

When you become older you have developed more knowledge and experience during the years which you can help to do some tasks more rapidly. This can be in your household tasks, in your job, entertainment activities or any other task. People may struggle in his professional career to finish the necessary tasks within the desired time when they are young. Life is learning and you will develop a strategy when you become older which makes it easier to finish the same tasks.

*More wisdom

People gain more wisdom during the years. They get more life experiences and know easier how to deal with problems and conflicts in their life. They get also more insight in the world problems and develop some skills which are important in everyone’s life, for example patience, how to deal with stress, tolerance and certainly courage.

*Less stress

Life is stressful and we have to deal with so many problems in our lives. It is often said young people worry about the smallest problems which can happen. This can be in your professional life, in your marriage, your exercises, your household tasks or any other problem which you may experience. People after age 50 tend to have more the ability to put things in perspective and don’t worry so much as younger people. People who are retired are even more relaxed and can even be happier than younger people, certainly if they are in good health.

*More time to enjoy

Growing old means also you get more time to enjoy. You likely can participate in more activities than during the time when you have a full time job. You can go walking, swimming or any other exercise and you have more time for entertainment activities, for example taking pictures, playing games, traveling and even spend more on the computer as entertainment. You have more time to relax and you can enjoy more of the beauties in life, especially if you are in good health.

*Enjoying of your life experiences

Growing old means also that you have more life experiences. You can look back to the past and enjoy about all the good moments you had during your youth, your marriage, the time you’ve spend with raising up your children, the joy of having grand children, the good moments of your professional life and the happy moments during your marriage or your single life. Growing old is enjoying of the good memories in your life.

*More people ask your advice

You have build up a large circle of friends and gained wisdom and life experience. More people will seek you to ask advice for many problems they experience in their lives. You can help younger people to solve little and even serious problems. People tell you more personal things or things where they have difficulties to talk about with other people. You are often considered as someone who can give useful advice through the life experiences you have.

*Lucky to be still alive

As you grow older, you may notice many of your friends who are younger are already dead. This can be though diseases, accidents or even through severe living circumstances. You can be lucky to be still alive and enjoy of all the beauties of life, even if you have to deal with some medical problems.

*More financial security

Most people will have more financial security when they become older. Young people have to budget and cut more expenses than when you grow older. You have saved more money and many people have finally paid off their home loan. This money can now be used for other purposes and with some planning you don’t struggle anymore to pay all your bills.

Growing older has a lot of positive facts, especially if you are still in good health. The good memories of your life experiences and the fact you can enjoy of the old pictures of the past time are things which you can cherish with your friends, family and many other people. These memories will make you happy and is an unforgettable reward of growing old.

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Comments (13)

Very well said! Voted up!

Very interesting facts

Great points, Erik! It's all true. The kids are out of the house, and I wouldn't say we're rich, but we don't have to begrudge every penny like we used to, either. We've have some rather serious health issues at our place, but that just makes us appreciate life more. Also, we don't get upset about little things any more. We know from experience that we can deal with whatever comes.

Thumbs up on this article, Erik. Everyone needs this article if not today maybe tomorrow when their time comes.

This is a wonderful article, and so very true. So much of aging lies in our attitude behind it. I know an 89 year old man (he'll be 90 next month) who still referees basketball! When he said he had a fall and hit his head, it wasn't the typical fall you'd expect of a senior was on the basketball court! Nonetheless, he wasn't whining about it...but grateful that he will recover and be able to get back out there!

Great points to ponder upon.

Thanks for the postive comments

Great article, Erik. This is possibly more about midlife than old age, and how to perceive aging as it happens. Voted and appreciated.

Love it! We hear far too much about youth these days and far too little about the elderly. There is great wisdom in age.

Voted you up...Great article!

Excellent article, Very positive and thought provoking !

very good points. I especially agree with the one about being able to put things in perspective. This can only be gained with life experience. Some who are young are able to do this but it is definitely a gift of age.

Good work. Yes, growing old makes one wiser and smarter.