The Benefits of HGH and Testosterone Treatments
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The Benefits of HGH and Testosterone Treatments

The benefits of HGH and Testosterone treatments.

Hormone decline can start as early as age 26 and be diagnosed as soon as age 35. When these hormones decline individuals may experience symptoms of a hormone deficiency. These symptoms include permanent fatigue, tiring easily, reduced muscle strength and tone, decreased sex drive, hot flashes, urinary problems, depression, pale, dry eyes, as well as chronic anxiety, outbursts of anger, need for excessive sleep, premature aging, sagging of all tissues, or receding gums. For many of you these may simply sound like the consequences of aging however new research has led doctor’s to believe that important hormones like testosterone, HGH, DHEA, estrogen melatonin, oxytocin and others get so low men and women notice a downward shift in strength and energy.

Human growth hormone and testosterone treatments have recently been proved to help win the war against aging. This is because both men and women rely on a critical balance of hormones, and specifically, low HGH and testosterone levels in men contribute to a steady decline in performance and appearance. The rejuvenating effect of replacing this hormone to younger levels, particularly when taken with testosterone and thyroid in men or estrogen and thyroid in women, is very exciting and can not be overstated. Virtually every system in the human body is in some way dependent on HGH for proper functioning. HGH can decline steadily until production is reduced by as much as 90 percent by age 70. Clinical evidence and recent medical research clearly demonstrate that HGH replacement therapy can significantly eliminate many of the symptoms we are forced to deal with as we age.

HGH and testosterone can help your body look and feel younger! They have even been proven to increase metabolism and the ability to control weight. The average gain in muscle mass is 9 percent with a 14 percent loss in body fat without starting a new exercise program or diet. Body fat, especially abdominal fat decreases from treatments approximately 24 percent in six months, while bone mass increases approximately 10 percent in the same time span. On top of those desirable benefits treatments also reduce wrinkles and promote younger skin.

These beneficial aesthetic results are just a tiny example of what HGH and testosterone treatments can do to help you slow down your body’s aging processes. They can also increases immune response and allow the body to heal wounds faster then ever. Increases in sexual function, and organ size of approximately 10 percent (internal organs, including the brain shrink with age) are also proven. Brain function enhances overall by allowing the brain to grow more neuron dendrites. Cardiac output and exercise performance also increase while serum cholesterol lowers and heart disease is reversed.

The benefits of Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone treatments combined with a healthy lifestyle are astonishing. Even economic benefits have been noted! For example an article in a recent issue of Preventive Medicine Magazine, speculated on the improved quality of life, and money that could be saved if every man and woman over the age of 35 took growth hormone. The contribution to improved health, quality of life and decrease of illness would be an immense saving in personal suffering and health care costs.

So how can you be sure HGH and testosterone treatments are for you? Well about 70plus percent of the population is currently made up of adults 30 years and older. Many of these people are battling the symptoms mentioned above because unfortunately, in modern times the present environmental factors and life style choices create the perfect environment for Adult Growth Hormone Deficiency.

Hormone Replacement Therapy is one of the leading treatments that help to prevent and in many cases reverse the negative side effects and damage caused by pre-mature aging. This process of replacing bio-identical hormones within your body is done in a precise and scientific way that provides your body with optimal levels of hormones, drastically increasing you quality of life and health. Bio-identical and natural hormone therapy programs such as Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone therapy provide the patient with genetically identical, molecule by molecule indistinguishable copies of these hormones. Since these hormones are exactly the same as the hormones present in the human body, they will bring your current levels back up to where they need to be for you to feel healthy and youthful again!

Andropause or the male menopause happens gradually. It is no easy natural process to watch as your body begins to decline in both health and vigor. Activities you may have been passionate about can become impossible or even painful. You may loose all your sexual vigor or even just enough of it to put stress on your current relationship. It can also become nearly impossible for you to stay in shape or find an exercise program or diet that may actually work on your gut. These symptoms are due to the body’s natural hormonal levels dropping exponentially as you age. Imagine a fuel gauge which crawls stressfully towards empty with each labored mile. HGH and Testosterone therapy can work as a metaphorical fuel pump to keep your body traveling effortlessly down life’s bumpiest roads.

So if you’re facing the uncomfortable symptoms that accompany aging or are even just interested in preventive measures, HGH and Testosterone treatments are a safe and natural way to gain the stamina and health you had when you were in your twenties.

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