The Acerola Berry Fights Stress and Aging
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The Acerola Berry Fights Stress and Aging

Acelora Berry is the size of a cherry and a nutrient rich food which has potential benefits in fighting stress and slowing down the onslaught of aging.

The Acerola berry is native to the West Indies, Central America, Northern South America and Mexico.Approximately the size of a cherry, the Acerola is a nutrient-packed fruit, and when mature and ripened, has a deep red color and a tart-like flavor, with soft juicy flesh.

Nutritional Highlights of the Acerola Berry: Ingredients for Antiaging

  1. The berries are the richest source of vitamin C. Unripe fruits contain greater quantities of the vitamin than the ripe, red ones. What’s more, the Acerola demonstrates 30 times the amount of vitamin C that is found in oranges and limes, and consequently, it is the best known natural source of the vitamin.
  2. Acerola is a wonderful anti-oxidant powerhouse. It is chockfull of polyphenols, which exert significant anti-aging properties.
  3. The fruit also supplies a generous dose of iron, calcium and vitamin A.

Important Benefits of the Acerola Berry: Fighting Stress and Aging

  1. The Acerola berry is packed with powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants effectively check free radical damage, and prevent cancer and premature aging. They help cut down cancer rates, enhance immunity and protect the body from chemical stressors such as - cigarette smoke, pollutants and allergens, and also speed up injury repair. The high vitamin C content helps maintain a healthy skin and keeps wrinkles and unwanted signs of aging at bay.
  2. These berries are low-calories fruits, and make amazing snack foods for those wishing to lose weight.
  3. Polyphenols present in the berries decrease serum glucose levels significantly and thus, keep diabetes in check.

Cosmetic / Skin Care Benefits of the Acerola Berry:

The Acerola berry halts the onslaught of aging. It prevents premature aging of the skin, fine lines and wrinkle-formation and unsightly skin discolorations. Furthermore, Acerola is known to promote natural skin bleaching.

Quick Serve Recipes for Acerola Berries:

  1. Blend the Acerola berries along with a cupful of yogurt, for a healthful and delicious smoothie. You could even dice the berries and add them to fresh or frozen yogurt.
  2. Berries (either sour or sweet) can be added to prepare chilled soup. Poach them until they become soft, and then puree. Add a dash of honey and chill. Have the soup cold, garnished with a spoonful of cream or yogurt.
  3. Chocolate-covered berries make yummy mid-evening snacks. Soften the chocolate, drop the Acerola berries in the melted chocolate, and keep cold till the chocolate becomes hard.

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Comments (2)

Great Post on anti-aging. Can you write on yoga or other alternative therapies for anti aging

Thanks Acerola berries are great for survival topic lots of wild food have many benefits!