Scientific Research on Anti Aging and Longevity
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Scientific Research on Anti Aging and Longevity

How does science of aging help you stay younger than your years? Some experts claim that many babies born today will live to be one hundred with upcoming medical break through. A person's allotted span of life is simply too short to permit a satisfying exploration of the world's outer wonders. says one of the leading experts in the science of aging. Doctors and scientist are constantly doing some scientific research on anti aging and to promote longevity.

Can science helps us live dramatically longer? Some experts claim that many babies born today will live to be one hundred with upcoming medical break through. One of the world's leading experts in the science of aging revealed that, "A person's allotted span of life is simply too short to permit a satisfying exploration of the world's outer wonders."

You are cut off in the midst of your pleasures, separated too soon from your beloved ones. It is a challenge that has stimulated much research in the burgeoning field of gerontology.  Doctors and scientists are constantly testing new ways to push back the ravages of Father Time.

Scientific Research on Anti Aging and Longevity

Reduce stress.  According to a stress expert, "scientific research has proved that conscious attention o relaxation can slow down the rate of which your internal organs age. Reducing stress is the best way of reversing the process. The expert added that if you have crinkly faces lined with trouble, you can be fairly sure that your arteries are probably crinkly too.  Every one feels anxious, nervous sometimes. It is helpful to temporary clear your mind of all thoughts that are upsetting you. Try a slow down therapy. According to medical experts a daily meditation practice is helpful for maintaining healthy  breathing.

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Eat less.  The solution to living longer lies quite simply, in eating less says a medical doctor. It means a gradual reduction of calorie intake down to about 1,500 calories a day. But  supplemented by vitamins and minerals. An experiment at the University of California have shown that mice given a restricted diet have live up longer to 30 percent.

Exercise moderately.  For the average older people who does little, rapid walking for 30 minutes at a time 3 to 4 times a week can provide 10 years of rejuvenation say a doctor of the University of Toronto.

Using vitamins.  One of these vitamins is vitamin C to boost the immune system and possible prevent everything from the common cold to cancer. Some nutrition gurus believe that mega dose of certain vitamins can fight aging. Watch your calcium intake too. Half the skeleton is built during ones development years. Supplement with daily calcium supplement to avoid a deficiency. Girls should increase iron intake. Ingest a good vitamin C source such as orange juice to increase iron adsorption. Girls with heavy period may benefit from a multivitamin containing iron. Men and women who are beyond 50 years old are susceptible to osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition in which the blood cannibalizes the calcium supply of the body including the bones due to an abrupt decrease of sex hormones.

Moisturizing cream.  A chairman of New York Health Science Center at Brooklyn  says, "Whether you are a man or woman, you should use moisturizing cream on your face at least once a day to keep skin, soft, supple and good looking." A dermatologist can do a number of things that will actually improve your appearance and decrease age-related skin changes. These include prescribing a cream which can really cause some wrinkles to disappear.

Current medical break through.  Scientist have isolated a hormone that when injected into a rat with a 100-day life span, extend their lives to 1,500 days. If similar methods work in people, human life's span might be stretched to 150 years.

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Oxygen chambers.  Many people fairly believe that breathing pure oxygen can promote longevity.  While such chambers are valuable in treating decompression sickness in deep-sea divers, many experts warn that exposure to too much oxygen can be dangerous.

Feeling old.  You are as old as you feel. According to a medical doctor of Miami Medical School your bodily age may have little to do with your actual age. For while you may be aged 40, your heart could be 55, your muscles 65 and your brain is 80. A man of 70 could have a heart of 50 or less if his lifestyle has kept him literally young at heart.  To keep your body in tip-top condition experts recommend the following:

  • Cut fat
  • Exercise regularly
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Avoid smoking
  • Take time to rest
  • Sleep well

Genetic Testing.  Get regular check-ups to detect a health problem. Consider a genetic testing history. If heart disease runs in your family see a doctor for a blood profile. You may be sensitive to dietary cholesterol. If high blood pressure is a hereditary pattern, you need to curb your sodium and monitor your weight.


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