Reasons to Be Proud of Your Grey Hair
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Reasons to Be Proud of Your Grey Hair

Grey hair is something to be proud of. Aging is a natural process. Wear your grey hair as a badge of self acceptance and of experience and wisdom.

Is growing older really so bad? I don’t think so. We read so much information about disguising grey hair, I really think it is time those of us old enough to have grey hair should speak out. Many of us wear our grey hair with pride, as a badge of honor that we’ve earned.

Growing older and having hair turn grey is a natural process. It happens to everyone. So, why not accept the fact gracefully, instead of trying to cover up. Those around us are not silly; they know that underneath dyed and tinted hair, there is really a grand head of grey that is being denied.

There are many reasons to choose to remain grey. One is the most practical of all, to save money. So many women, and even men these days, moan about the ongoing cost of regular trips to the hairdresser to continue covering up their grey tresses. Once hair has been artificially colored, it seems no one wants to own up to the silvery grey lurking underneath the artificial camouflage. So, the cost of trips to the hairdresser continues, long after an aging income has been reduced. I have heard people say they can’t stop having their hair colored, as people will know they are grey. So what?

Choosing to remain grey shows self acceptance of who you are. People dye their hair to try and stay young. In other words they don’t feel comfortable with the aging process and are trying to convince themselves and others they are not getting older. Aging is a natural process, it happens to everyone. We should be proud of all the life experiences that have contributed to our grey or greying hair. We have earned the right to have a natural head of grey hair, so why cover it up.

When someone chooses to change their hair color to disguise the grey underneath, they need to ask themselves who they are trying to impress. Is it oneself or another? As one gets older there should be less need to impress others. If friends and acquaintances don’t want to be seen with a grey haired individual, they are not really true friends. Older people need to ask themselves, do you want a natural look that reveals your true identity, or do you want to deceive yourself by trying to stay young?

Constant use of chemicals can have detrimental effects on hair as we get older. Personally, I prefer to have a natural healthy head of grey hair, rather than hair that is damaged from over use of chemical and applications of unnatural substances. If natural grey hair is looked after and styled properly, it can look flattering and distinguished.

If you are getting a little older, reaching a mature stage in life, surely you deserve to show the world you are proud of your status. This can be done so naturally by accepting your changing hair color. Let your hair show your true personality. Let the world know you are proud of your status in life. Wear your grey hair with pride.

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Comments (9)

I started growing grey/white hair when I was 12, hereditary as they say, so by 30 grey hair manage to overcome the black ones, thoughtful write here Val, thanks.

I was going to let myself grey naturally until I got my hair cut really short and it looked hideous so at that point I did have to use color.

Hi Val, nice to hear from you, this is a good article. My mother-in-law had the most gorgeous head of silver-gray hair. I loved it. I'm starting to get the strands, ugh, but it's not ugly. You are absolutely right! Glory in it if you've got it! How are things in New Zea?? Have you been safe from the quakes? How's teaching going? Do you guys have a summer vacation? Well, it guess it's not summer down there right now like it is here, ha! It's nice to hear from you again. :)

At least my grey hairs are not yet showing up. An excellent insight in accepting things we couldn't change, Val. Sometimes a right attitude is all there is to it.

Hmm maybe you're right. I keep pulling my couple of strands out, but it might be better to wear them with pride!

I, too, started greying before the age of 12. Now at 61, I contnue to color, but not as much. Thanks for the article.

Super article! I'm not gray yet, but I'm not changing it when I am gray.

I don't mind my silver hairs at all it the dulling of my red tresses before I gray that I hate. It makes me look pale and feel blah.

You are so right Val. Grow old(er) gracefully. I also like the look of grey hair (on others). Like Brenda though, when I got my hair cut (I had it long for many years) I didn't like the look of it one bit (on myself), so I coloured it, but I'll probably let it grow out as I hate the fuss of keeping it up. :-)