Immortality: the Current Scientific Situation
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Immortality: the Current Scientific Situation

The desire to live forever has always been there. People have done everything in their power from sorcery to ingestion of purported pills for eternity so as to live forever. Yet we do not usually see people living beyond 100. Is a change on the horizon?

The desire to live forever has always been there. People have done everything in their power from sorcery to ingestion of purported pills for eternity so as to live forever. Yet we do not usually see people living beyond 100. Is a change on the horizon?

The Desire For Longevity: Grandma Stories that children in most cultures hear in their childhood contains several common themes, and one of them is the ability to live for ever. Many good characters in these stories are depicted as becoming immortal.The oldest recorded story where the hero seeks immortality is the Epic of Gilgamesh, a Mesopotemian story at least 4000 years old.

Over the years many plants, animal products, minerals and chemicals were promoted as the sure way to remedy. Quacks peddled many kinds of elixirs for the same purpose. However, none of them offered what was promised.

Research Into Longevity And Immortality: Many medical and scientific investigators took serious interest in food and medicine that can extend human life. Such empirical-theoretical investigation has been going on since 1800s.  The 1900s have brought in vast amount of insight and information due to developments in genetics and other branches of biological sciences.

They have discovered that certain chemicals such as resveratrol might have life-extending properties, but the experiments and deductions are still in infancy and not much can be said with certainty. They have also found that telomerase, an enzyme (a chemical substance) that naturally occurs in the body might have a life-extending effect upon the body, and experiments are going on actively to see if this observation can benefit people.

The ability to replace human organs with organs from donors, and the ability to replace some organs with artificial organs such as artificial heart have helped medical doctors to extend the life of people by a few years. They are working to extend this period by which a person survives after such replacement. They are also investigating the maximum number of organs that can be replaced in a person's body.They are also toying with the idea of continuous replacement of these parts with new ones so as to prolong the life as much as possible.

Many people have been opting to preserve their bodies in low-temperature freezers known as cryogenic freezers after their death for possible reviving in future when technology might advance to such a level. At present it seems doubtful if that can ever be done. Others have proposed that one should eventually be able to "download" one's entire mind to a computer which can then be "uploaded" to a custom-designed baby so that it lives like the original person with his mind. Others have proposed that eventually machines be made that can use this downloaded memory to create a virtual-person copy of the original. Obviously, these are all more exotic than practical ideas and only one side of the ideas is visible at present. The other side, when one attempts to do these things, might be hiding dark realities that give no cause for optimism.

The Current Situation Of Immortality Research: It has become clear that human life can surely be extended by a few decades and also that it can be made very healthy. The average person needs only better hygiene, good living habits, balanced food, plenty of exercise, and a liberal amount of food intake to get such extension. Things like better hygiene and good food is already part of many developed nations, and this has in turn increased the average life-span of people in those countries from the previous values (around 30 years) to the current high values (around 60 years). When these people consciously add good habits, and when they are given proper medical attention, the average age increases further. This is the best that can at present be said about longevity.

There is no possibility at present of immortality. All the researches seem to indicate that one might be able to increase the current average life expectancy of 60 to a higher value of 100 years. Some people might be able to live and enjoy up to 120, but that period is at least half  to one century away. No matter what people do, the best insight says that 120 is perhaps the highest cut off limit and that man will never be able to attain immortality.

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Comments (22)

Immortality !!.... I know someone who is immortal. He also grants immortality to close friends. His name is Jesus Christ and he's my friend :)

Asha C Alexaander

Really interesting and informative.....

I cannot understand why people want to live more than God has intended them to. As much as we have choices in life, but when it comes to death it is not in our hands and we must come into terms with that. Regards, BTh student of the Trinity school

This was interesting. Mankind certainly hates death and what might lie beyond it without the hope of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.


Dear Dr. Philip,

I think that everybody must die.It is against God's will and purpose if people live forever.

This life is a temporary one. The one after death is the eternal one that intentionally and purposedly created by God.


Thien C. Le

Bth student

Trinity School New Course

It saddens me to think that some people spend their entire lives trying to extend life while never fully living the one that they have now. Thanks for sharing this. Bobbie Sparks


Great article. Eventhough there is no possibility at present of immortality. Jesus promised us that everyone who believe in his powerful name will live forever!

Great article. Eventhough there is no possibility at present of immortality. Jesus promised us that everyone who believe in his powerful name will live forever! BTh Student.

No matter how much we extend life expectancy, we are ultimately expected to die. The best bet for living a long life is to serve and obey God. He has numbered our days.

Immortality and the lengths man while go in attempting to prolong his mortal body forever is always an interesting topic. We should realize that our physical bodies will grow old and one day we shall no longer exist in the material world. But a spiritual man's soul will live forever if we believe as is written in John 11: 25-26 where Jesus says "...I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believes in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whoever lives and believes in me shall never die. Believe you this?" I believe that here Jesus is speaking about people's souls, not their mortal bodies.

This has a intresting bend and I wonder if there is a upper limit in light of how long some of the people lived in the bible.

I believe that I will be imortal in the next life. Because God has promised us that and he doesn't break his promise.

Long life is promised in the Bible for those who follow the Word of God. Eternal life is promised to them who belong to Jesus. Living forever in this body with its frailties, aches, and pains would be a life of misery. However, the life God promises is Joy unspeakage.

Jesus prommised us eternity with Him if we would just eccept Him as our Saviour. Why do people want to live forever on this earth? Who want to be hold into this world of misery? Thank you for the article, just hope people read it and starts to think about tomorrow and life after death, cause that is the one thing we are sure of in this life, we will live once then die and then looking into Jesus's eyes.

these article is so interesting! .You must be agree with me brother that in Christianity are hope of immortality is through Jesus Christ. which is alive and it promises us eternal life and immortality of the body. that big promise. This article I would like to use it for one of my sermons.

I have heard of both resveratol and telomerase - I found out about telomerase in one of my night creams ! :D - thankful that my life is in God's hands and that I need not fear death.

Man was created to last forever in the garden of Eden, But when Man failled God, death came and begin to kill human kind. It is not nothing new that many scientist wanted to reverse the death cause to eternity on the earth. Humanly speaking man can only improve the life expentancy rate by changing habits and life styles but cannot live on earth for eternity because the Lord said to Adam any day you eat the fruits from the forbidden tree in the garden you shall surely die. Humanity was doomed to death and it is not the matter for science to fix. It is only Jesus who promised us life through him after this life of flesh and blood. T he advancement of technology and computer plus the apex of medical science humanity can only increase life to some few years and after that the flesh will sleep in to death. Thanks to Dr. Johnson C Philip for this wonderful eyes opener.  

Everything humans will do without God will turn to naught!!!!!!!!!!!!! short and simple.

Irrespective of who we are, none of us, (to be frankly honest) want to die. Nevertheless, as we are all subject to the sun's ultra violet rays panel beating our bodies we all  eventually succumb to the inevitable. Scientific research regarding immortality is yet within its infancy and it is debatable whether mankind will ever be able to discover the elixir of eternal youth. It is only when Christ returns, that all things will be made anew and in being clothed with celestial bodies we will glorify Him forever.  

Immortality is only for the soul which is through Christ alone
Immortality. Always desired, never realized. Does make one stop and ponder why we are here and what, if anything, comes after this life.
immortality! Jesus Christ gives life forever after this one.