Natural Home Skin Exfoliation: Manage Dry Facial Skin
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Natural Home Skin Exfoliation: Manage Dry Facial Skin

Exfoliation of the skin is considered to be helpful in fighting wrinkles, aging, dark spots, pimples, acne and a host of skin ailments. This article provides information about natural facial scrubs and how to exfoliate the skin at home. Regular skin exfoliation with home remedies and natural scrubs is considered to be very beneficial in improving overall skin tone and texture especially for individuals with dry skin.

All dermatologists recommend regular skin exfoliation; it provides huge cosmetic benefits. Exfoliation of the skin enhances its texture and color substantially. It helps to get rid of the skin cells that are on the surface, which are primarily dead cells.Exfoliation also fights aging and makes you look younger for longer, without the use of treatment therapies like Botox. There are a host of natural remedies and foods that work like exfoliators and natural scrubs; they exfoliate the skin effectively without being harsh, and importantly are chemical-free

How to Exfoliate At Home?: Dry Skin Exfoliation

Naturopaths and skin specialists advocate using natural agents to scrub the skin on a regular basis. Chemical, synthetic products have a damaging effect on the skin; and their long-term use can actually be counter-effective. Thus, home remedies such as: oats, pounded sugar, walnuts, orange rind and gram flour are advised.

At Home Exfoliation For Dry Facial Skin: Benefits of Exfoliation at Home

Exfoliation of the skin is considered to be very beneficial for a healthy and youthful skin. Here are some benefits of exfoliation,

  • Exfoliating the skin makes skin that is rough, dull, unhealthy and sun damaged, look healthier, more youthful and smoother.
  • Exfoliation imparts radiance to the skin as it clears out dead cells and tissue derbis
  • Dry skin exfoliation further augments blood circulation and promotes cell renewal, both of which greatly perk up the skin’s texture.
  • Regular exfoliation of the facial skin also protects the skin from pimples, acne, dark spots and wrinkle formation.

Home Remedies for Exfoliation: Natural Treatment for Dry Skin of the Face

Here are some home remedies that may be beneficial in the management of dry facial skin at home,

  1. Oat meal: is an excellent natural exfoliating agent. It eliminates dirt, grease and grime and makes the skin look clean and healthy. What’s more, it provides the skin with plenty of vitamin E; which is vital for skin health and protection from free radical damage.
  2. Orange rinds: dry a few orange rinds for about 2 days in the sun. Powder these and store in an air tight container. Exfoliate your skin using this powder. Orange rinds get rid of grease and dead cells effectively. The peel is packed with vitamin C and essential oils of orange, which nourish and protect the skin. Orange rinds also close enlarge pores and battle wrinkles and age spots effectively.
  3. Walnuts: powdered walnuts mixed with almond oil or avocado oil is one of the most efficient face scrubs. After exfoliating, leave on for about 15 minutes, then rinse off. Walnuts supply your skin with a generous dose of vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Walnut oil is also exceedingly beneficial for damaged and mature skins.

Natural Facial Scrub: Exfoliate the Skin At Home

Here are some natural scrubs that can be used to exfoliate the facial skin and gain a healthy and youthful appearance,

  • Sugar: coarsely powdered sugar is an excellent exfoliating aid; it scrubs the skin without damaging the skin tissue, as distinct from the brutal chemical scrubs. Exfoliate your face, neck, chest and back, using smooth, circular movements. Rinse with cold water. Make this a part of your weekly skin care routine.
  • Gram flour: gram flour is rather gritty and is useful for exfoliation. Additionally, it acts like a bleach as well; imparting a wonderful glow and radiance to your skin. It gets rid of age spots, evens out your complexion, bleaches the skin, closes pores and decelerates the process of aging noticeably. You may mix gram flour with a little bit of yogurt or milk for better results.

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