Best Anti-aging Workout and Exercises
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Best Anti-aging Workout and Exercises

When it comes to looking young and healthy, there are just two things that help – A healthy diet and exercises. A balanced diet can help complement the way you look, and exercises apart from keeping you fit can help you look younger and healthier. Read on to gain insight on the best anti-aging workouts.


Everyone wants a wholesome living, a healthy home with a healthy diet and the adoption of activities beneficial physically, emotionally and spiritually. But it seems that ‘time waits for no one’ and time factor never cease, and no one could escape it. Still, majorities aspires for the “fountain of youth” and depend on anti-aging products by companies’ promises.

Welcome to the truth, anti-aging creams don’t really work!

When it comes to looking young and healthy, there are just two things that help – A healthy diet and exercises. A balanced diet can help complement the way you look, and exercises apart from keeping you fit can help you look younger and healthier. Read on to gain insight on the best anti-aging workouts and exercises.

Anti Aging Workouts

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Cardiovascular Exercises

Indulging in cardiovascular activities on a daily basis or at least for five days in a week can do wonders for your health and the way you look. Cardiovascular exercises include activities that get your heart rate going and see you breathing hard and heavy. Cycling, swimming, running, walking, playing football or basketball, skipping and aerobics are examples of cardiovascular activities.

These activities can relieve stress and help release endorphins also known as feel good hormones. This is how cardiovascular activities works its magic on the way you look and feel. When you’re at the peak of your cardiovascular exercise your heart is pumping hard, your blood is flowing better and breathing becomes a challenging effort. This is when you get to reap fully the benefits of cardiovascular exercises. You will begin to look and feel younger, your heart is so much healthier and your muscles so much stronger.


“Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness” – Joseph Pilates

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Pilates revolves around the physical exercises developed and put together by Joseph Pilates. It was developed early in the 20th century in Germany and with the passing of time became a rage all over the world. Pilates thrives on a mind over matter approach. Joseph Pilates’ system of exercises depended on the mind to control the muscles of the body. Pilates exercises helps you breathe properly and targets your torso too. Pilates helps you develop a strong spine, and with regular exercising maybe even a spine that can defy age. Pilates helps your body release anti-aging hormones. It not only adds to the health of your body, but even your mind. Pilates complements your flexibility, your heart, your lung functions and your sense of balance. Pilates also helps you get to stronger bones and tendons.

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Everyone is familiar with the advantages of yoga, but very few people actually give yoga a shot. With yoga, it’s a lot more than just fitness. It’s an exercise than can fill your life with a much needed balance.

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It improves your flexibility and gives you a better posture. With the regular practice of yoga, the chances of looking older decrease. This is because yoga flushes out harmful toxins from your body, toxins that could have otherwise made you look a lot older than you actually are.

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Weight Training

Weight lifting helps you look younger. However, going all out and lifting weights that are heavy as a car is not recommended. Weight training in moderation is what we’re talking about here. Weight training leads to increased metabolism and stronger muscles and strong muscles eliminate the effects of sarcophenia. Sarcophenia is basically the loss of strength and muscles as we get older. Weight training is like a supplement to your health and the way you look; it maintains your insulin levels and keeps your blood pressure under control.

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Tai Chi Chuan

Some of the benefits attributed to Tai Chi practice include: stress reduction, improved circulation, the lessening of arthritic and other pain, an increase in flexibility, lowered blood pressure, and improved balance.

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A study conducted by the University of California indicated that patients participating in a 15-week program reported less headache pain, increased energy, emotional well-being, social functioning and improved mental health.

A study of 3,221 elderly aged over 60 showed that the 893 people who regularly took part in tai chi exercise had fewer falls, the South China Morning Post reported.


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very useful especially for old people like me

Yes, very useful

Thanks for these suggestions. I'm going to research them some more.

Excellent points - especially about Tai Chi helping people to maintain balance and not fall

Thanks for your wonderful comments.

Some new information for me. Thanks for sharing.

Stuart Shaw

Yup, anything that keeps the joints open and mobile will help with the elderly. Nice list, thanks for sharing :D

Thanks Dakshina and Stuart.