Beauty Sleep for a Healthy and Younger Looking Skin
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Beauty Sleep for a Healthy and Younger Looking Skin

Aging is inevitable and a lot of things in our body change with it. Skin as most exposed part of our body change with age and it is the usual basis of other people in guessing our age level. Skin will later develop age spots, wrinkles, rough texture, and will appear saggy. There are many cosmetic products distributed in the market and are competing by presenting different convincing advertisements with famous artists. Though people can’t really tell which is the most effective and most suitable for them, trying every product can sometimes more damaging to skin with its reaction to different chemicals applied. “Sleep at least 8 hours a day” is always present as a tip for a healthy life but is sometimes ignored. Surprisingly, sleeping plays a great role in making our skin look younger.

Sleeping is the best time to replenish your face from getting older. Skin preservation and enhancement is much contributed by a good night sleep as hormonal changes increase blood flow to the skin, according to a widely known expert in soft tissue augmentation, Dr. Melvin of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery and International Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

Skin is warmer during sleep which causes anti-aging facial creams to result effectively because it can be absorbed more in open pores. While having your deep sleep, your skin is also busy regenerating and removing dead skin cells from its surface which occurs 8 times faster at night than day.

Those who lack sleep, often have puffy and dark circles around the eyes which are not a desirable appearance. Wrinkles, skin dryness and blemishes also develop because of insufficient sleep. Dr. Jyotsna Sahni, a leading internal medicine expert in preventive care of women's health at Canyon Ranchin Tucson point out that the effects of inadequate sleep would potentially increase your irritability due to increase level of the steroid hormone, cortisol which is linked with stress and aging. High production of cortisol increases the breakdown of protein in muscles thus result to skin sagging.

Washing your face and removing cosmetic products before going to bed at night are part of good habits. It will increase the rejuvenation of your skin because harmful substances won’t set in your pores to irritate your skin or develop blemishes such as pimples, black heads and white heads.

Consider buying skincare products which is suitable for your skin type. For dry skin, use moisturizer to increase the humidity of skin; for oily skin and acne-prone skin, use toner with salicylic acid component to help in cleaning and drying your skin pores from excess oils; for sensitive skin, make sure to try small amount of new product in your skin preferably at the back of your palm to observe for hypersensitivity reactions. Use anti-aging products with SPF during the day and night cream before going to sleep to enhance your beauty restoration.

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I greatly benefit from your articles every time I read one. Thanks for the beauty care info, it helps a lot.

thanks :)

Very informative. Great tip for healthy skin.

I know we are supposed to use day and night creams, but really never knew why. I just did it. But this articles explances it very well. Now I can tell others why. thanks. voted up