Aged Care Nursing Homes
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Aged Care Nursing Homes

This is an article that describes what steps a family and patient will need to encounter on the way to a good home. It is important that the aged person is included in all important steps.. The layout od prospective homes are needed to be visited first hand and meetings with appropriate staff. It is important to view to level of care after the assessment team have made their findings final. The nursing homes at each level can vary especially with the sale of a home in the transition is mandate with some. Others collect a percentage of pension payments as expenditure costs only.

There comes a time in most families, where a family member has reached a certain age and a nursing home becomes an option. The person must be willing to make that change, while it is not easy all people must be able to see the reality of the situation.

A good place to start is with her personal or family doctor. He will be able to organize further steps and options. Firstly, the family could be made aware of the level of care their parent would require. The doctor can arrange for an assessment team to call by appointment at the home of his patient. The way in which each nursing home functions are different in the financial set up as well as how they care for patients.

There are levels of care from low, medium and high care.

The family unit is important at most times in our lives. The moment a parent or elderly member needs extra care beyond the home; this is where it becomes a bigger concern. We can look at assistance through extended home care for a low-level care individual. The siblings relate to this difficult time emotionally as the closeness of a parent’s care is something that was always handled within the core of family. There is communication for the family to have with a patient. They need to be included in all steps as it concerns them. It is important that the parent is agreeable with this change at all stages, and he or she is included in important stages. This includes seeing the home first hand. The layout of the home, the rooms as well as kitchen and dining areas as well as entertaining rooms.

The medical assessment team will be able to call at the home of the patient as arranged. They will have questions to ask the patient as well as concerns of the family. Looking at the home with a special concern to bedroom and bathroom and shower. The team would be interested in disability attachments in a bathroom where the patient needs help with balance as well as a sturdy metal attachment for lifting themselves into place. There is concern and the government would help with financial assistance in home prior to a nursing home for safety. This applies to a non-slip surface in a bathroom. The assessment would classify what level the patient would be appropriate for.

The question for the family is which one they should choose. In a majority of the leading nursing homes, they would ask that the home be placed on the market for sale. The capital would be dissolved into their investment accounts. The running costs for patients is approximately 75% - 80 % of the invalid pension allowance. There are other homes that do not require the sale of the family home. The costs required are the invalid pension payments to pay for costs only. There is a third option where it mostly is a low to medium level of care. In this situation, the small apartments are available for sale. There is an administration and reception office as well as a medical centre on site.

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Comments (4)

You outline the topic well Peter.

Thanks for your comment Christy

Thanks for this information regarding geriatric care and nursing homes. My mother has worked in a nursing home as a nurse for over 30 years. She cares so much and tries to pull others' weight. It's sad how many people are in this job simply for a paycheck and are not empathetic or compassionate even.

Thaks to all for commeents posted. bethany a special thanks to you for detailing your mother's role.