10 Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle Thus Young Look
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10 Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle Thus Young Look

Here are 10 tips to a healthy lifestyle thus young look.

When you practice a healthy lifestyle, you achieve that young look. But what is a healthy lifestyle that will bring back youthfulness to your looks?

Here are ten healthy lifestyle tips that many used to shrug but which have been found effective in living life at its best and help people look young. These healthy lifestyle practices are not arranged necessarily according to importance.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 1. Drink more water than usual.

The rule "drink eight glasses of water everyday" is a debunked myth. It has no scientific basis. According to Valtin, professor emeritus of physiology and a kidney specialist, drinking eight glasses of water may even lead to "water intoxication". Let your body dictate the time you should drink. Just be sensitive when the need arises.

However, it also pays to drink more than usual. Water can burn more calories because it increases a person’s metabolism by 30% (Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism, 2003). A healthy lifestyle like this will go a long way and make you look young. Water makes your face look supple. A young look is not possible with a dehydrated face and body. You will get that shriveled look instead.

Healthy Lifetyle Tip # 2. Eat healthy.

A healthy lifestyle of eating good, nutritious food can add years to your life and keep you young. Follow the age-old recommendation of eating fruits and vegetables every day. Avoid foods high in cholesterol like those you find in fast foods. A study in the 2002 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine found out that young adults are getting obese faster.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 3. Avoid the sun.

The heat of the sun can lead to premature ageing (American Academy of Dermatology, 2010). Those who spend their lives working exposed to the sun tend to age faster than those who work inside buildings. This is why many people who do not expose themselves much to the sun look young than those who do.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 4. Don’t smoke cigarettes or tobacco.

Smoking is never part of a healthy lifestyle. Cigarettes or tobacco has a lot of oxidants in them aside from carcinogenic substances. Don’t be fooled into thinking that smoking is cool. Cigarette advertisement appeals to the vanity of people just to sell their products. If you want to get stimulated, there are many other ways of doing it. Are you willing to trade off health for the sake of a few minutes of relaxation that will threaten your life?

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 5. Find a work that you like.

Why work hard if you can do it with pleasure? When it becomes a pleasure, then it’s not work. And you enjoy it more. You should be glad you have work while a lot are unemployed. Always complaining about your job is never part of a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 6. Get enough sleep.

Sleep is a very important ingredient of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep energizes the body and provides rest to the brain from its conscious processes. Tamakoshi and Ohno (2004) found out that sleeping seven hours at night showed the lowest mortality risk. A good sleep can help you look young overnight.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 7. Exercise.

There are many literature and studies concerning the importance of exercise in keeping the body healthy. A healthy body means a younger look. Just don’t overdo it. Walking 30 minutes a day will do the trick. A new approach to make sure you do some exercise is to integrate it in your daily routine. While sitting in the office, do some stretching. While typing, turn your heads both to the left and to the right. That gives you a break from staring at the monitor and relieves you of eye strain. Walk briskly to a nearby office. Exercise is a healthy lifestyle habit. A young body is supple which can be maintained by exercise.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 8. Think positive.

If you have an optimistic attitude, it reflects on your countenance. You will look more relaxed, thus wrinkling of your facial muscles will be prevented. You will definitely look young.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 9. Avoid stress.

Why worry when you can be happy? This will just give you undue stress. According to a Dr. Elissa Epel, a health psychologist, stress is known to speed up the aging process. Live free of stress, look young.

Healthy Lifestyle Tip # 10. Act and do what the young ones do.

People who think they are still young get their bodies up to the challenge. Have you heard about the winner of a marathon who’s a forty-fiver? When you do things that young people do, your body keeps up. Clarence DeMar won the Boston Marathon at age 41 despite a heart problem.

Keeping these healthy lifestyle tips in mind will undoubtedly bring back the young look in you. A healthy lifestyle change is all you need. If you do not keep an open mind about tthis, then maybe you are already getting old.

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Factoids on health are always welcome, more so when they deal with important subjects like health. This is a superb article. Albert Camus said, "The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself" -- Shastri

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Useful and practical tips.

Thank you for your comments my new friends. @Shastri, yes I do agree with Camus' statement. What we write can influence the direction of the world. @Chan Lee Peng, thanks for the encouragement.